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Why we do what we do


Thursday, July 13th, 2006 - we had an idea, an idea that would change how the public viewed the world of fine jewelry designers. We did nothing out of the ordinary, nothing noteworthy and certainly nothing heroic. We recognized that most people did not know the difference from one designer jewelry brand to another.  We set a path to try to change that.

We dedicated ourselves to the writing and cataloging designers to create a library of distinction for anyone who wanted to learn more. A place to learn the inspirations of a line, to learn the about the designer, learn where designer came from and what makes them different from one another. We avoided generic descriptions and did our best to tell the story of the artisan. Besides a little ad here or there, we never even attempted to make a profit from effort we've put forth. We believed that if designerjewelrybrands.com simply remained an educational website, it would be a worthy cause for the entire jewelry industry.

We've sifted trough thousands of submissions and spent too many hours at home studying these brands and to best of our ability, determined who would make it on the list. No submission fees were needed, but strictly a quality brand. Noting that it couldn't remain this way, we left this project, left many of the new brands to fall through the cracks and honestly got tired of doing the work. The visitors continued to browse brands and we still gave this website no attention.

We now have brands memorialized that no longer exist and brands so small that you'll never see them in an retail outlet. We have brands so big that couldn't care less about our directory and brands that were incredibly determined to be listed with us.  

Over half a million unique visitors and over 3.1 million pageviews later, we had a eureka moment. A way to really use the site for something more than just education. To turn it into a multifaceted tool that would continue to educate about brands, allow designers to move some over production product through our site, allow brick and mortar stores to turn over some of their inventory and in the end, never harm any part of the industry.  

Now we've reopened our flood gates and began marching with a vision. A vision backed by a number of jewelry veterans capable to help boost an industry that can always use a little lift. May the service that we now offer complete the experience that we should have offered long ago.