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Pearls make an excellent gift for women of any age, and have been used to celebrate the most wondrous of life’s occasions through the centuries.  At Add-A-Pearl, the art of this perfect gift has been a tradition since 1915. 

An Add-A-Pearl necklace is more than an ordinary gift; it is a symbol of true artistry. Each necklace begins with one, three or five pearls on a 14 Karat gold chain. As the years go by, the necklace can grow into a full strand as friends and family add gifts of pearls.  This unique, cherished gift is perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day, Christmas, Mothers Day, or just as a surprise for your special girl.

Adding pearls couldn’t be easier, all you have to do is return to a store that carries Add-A-Pearl and purchase an addition or complete the process online. You can select cultured pearls or natural oriental pearls, which are cultivated with environmentally conscious pearl farming standards and gold mining practices. Once that is done, you even have several gifting options for delivering the pearls!

As the owner and originator of the Add-A-Pearl trademark, the company ensures that their necklaces are made of the highest quality materials on the market.  Pearls are hand-strung on pure silk, which ensures only the best in strength and quality for your timeless creation. Add-A-Pearl is a tradition that continues for a lifetime, and remains as a masterpiece of heirloom quality to be passed down through the generations…

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