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Alex Soldier

Alex Soldier, born Alexei Soldatov, was born in the Ural Mountain region in the city of Perm. However, in 1990, he migrated to the United States to begin a new life designing, crafting, and producing contemporary jewelry in both 18k gold and platinum, complete with precious gemstones as well. Alex Soldier’s rise to the top occurred at meteoric speed, and his myriad awards prove that his immense talent is celebrated globally in the jewelry industry. 

Within only six years after his arrival in America, Alex’s neo-classic collection was introduced to the world when he was chosen as a new dynamic designer for the New Designers Gallery at the Jewelers of America Show. The year 1996 proved to be a very exciting year for Alex, because after his debut show he was invited to have a private exhibition at the United National Open Day in New York City and his collection was then displayed at the Mougans Gallery in Cannes, France.  Then, after two years since his debut show, Alex was awarded the Platinum Passion Award from Platinum Guild International. And then, in 2000, he became a member of the International Jewelry Design Guild before he won the prestigious Spectrum Award from the American Gem Trade Association in 2002.

Alex’s vast talent is matched by his charitable heart.  In 2003, he participated in the Platinum Guild’s “Women With Heart” charity where he designed a pendant for the famous singer Brandy and one more for Sotheby’s. All of the proceeds from his design were then donated to a charity personally chosen by Brandy. 

His pieces are also used as prizes in the art community.  For example, “Triumph” is a prize awarded to extraordinary Russian artists in art, literature, and music. From Alex’s perspective, individuality is what he aims for in each and every design. He declares that his clients, "are not looking for jewelry only for fashion's sake; but for the soul, that which stays with them forever, like a favorite work of art."

Alex finds his muse in the Russian folk legend of Danila. According to the tale, Danila was a craftsman who spent seven years carving a single flower out of malachite. Finally, after nearly a decade, the final result was so breathtaking that the flower looked as though it had a soul. To this day, when Alex Soldier designs his jewelry, he keeps this legend in mind for inspiration. According to Alex, he constantly strives "to find a new composition or finish of metal, unusual forms, or unique stone settings to create a piece that is beautiful and distinctive, that can be appreciated as a finished work of art. I want my jewelry to be recognized as the original works of a designer like no other, as well as for their own individuality." After more than twenty years since he began his career, it is safe to say that Alex Soldier's creations are nothing short of impeccable, with unmatched innovation and undeniably exotic design in every piece.




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Alex Soldier

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