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Amadena is a Canadian Mine-to-Market leader from Canada, bringing Canadian diamonds from their earthy origins into the retail market. Amadena sells both finely cut loose diamonds and jewelry collections as well. In fact, Amadena is such an accomplished leader in the industry that Rio Tinto, one of the world’s foremost mining and exploration companies, has recognized it as a “Select Diamantaire.” This acknowledgment represents a distinguished group of direct customers who have achieved the highest level of expertise in the field. 

Every Amadena diamond is authenticated with a Certificate of Canadian Origin, which authenticates Canada as the birthplace of the diamond and warranties that the diamond complies with the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct and the Kimberley Process.  In order for the diamonds to be authenticated, every single diamond is laser inscribed with an original, unique Diamond Identification Number, or a DIN.  This is essentially the “birthmark” for the diamond, and it tracks the journey from its original rough weight to the final polished weight. 

Amadena pursues perfection in every single diamond that is mined and polished through their refinement system. Each diamond holds the story of its journey from birth to finished design, telling a story that is certified pure in both quality and conscience.




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