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Arezzo Gold & Jewelry

Arezzo has proudly supplied retail jewelers with the finest jewelry and service since 1972. As a third generation family owned company, they understand the importance delivering the extraordinary to their customers and the commitment to craftsmanship.

From the very first drawings, each style is analyzed, developed, and perfected to meet with the tradition and style Arezzo has come to represent. The transformation of a drawing into a finished piece is left to the skilled hands of the artisans. Once a new style meets their approval, the search for perfection and desire to improve the minutest of details continues as a never ending process.

Arezzo is dedicated to creating beautifully crafted diamond collections and unique signature jewelry designs. Their devotion to detail, quality, and service distinguishes their company from others. With every piece of jewelry, Arezzo is proud to exceed customer expectations. Their long-standing reputation for integrity, loyalty and commitment to customers makes Arezzo the jeweler to trust.

Arezzo applies exceptionally high standards of excellence in selecting their diamonds. Only the diamonds meeting the strictest quality requirements in terms of color, clarity, cut and carat (the "4Cs") are selected. Each stone must be "white", without any inclusions visible to the naked eye and perfectly proportioned.

But this is only the first step of the selection process. To choose stones for any Arezzo creation, their experts take their time to scrutinize a diamond's brilliance and fire. They check for symmetrical proportionality and examine the beauty of each individual stone so that only the most beautiful and harmonious are chosen.

Arezzo operates in the luxury goods industry with the mission of providing uncompromised quality and service. For three generations, they have been supplying the finest jewelry to the most sophisticated and demanding consumers. In pursuing this tradition of excellence, Arezzo has garnered a reputation as one of the most prestigious jewelers.

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Arezzo Gold & Jewelry

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