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Bellataire Diamonds

Bellataire diamonds are among the world’s purest and rarest natural diamonds to be found anywhere in the world. In the world of great luxuries, where beauty and rarity determine value, Bellataire diamonds are distinguished by beauty equal to the finest diamonds in the world and rarity measured at less than 1% of all gem diamonds. This high standard of exceptional, unrivaled quality appeals to those who will settle for nothing less.

Bellataire diamonds are available in all shapes and sizes, ranging from 0.20 carats to over 20.00 carats. Each diamond is polished by world-renowned cutters, who craft the gem into graceful shapes with breathtaking scintillation. Bellataire diamonds are classified as Type IIa in the gemological sector, and that is because they uniquely do not contain nitrogen.  Two of the world’s greatest diamonds belong to this classification, including the Star of Sierra Leone, comprised of 968.80 carats, and the Jonker, with 626.60 carats.

 Diamonds are considered to be the ultimate gemstone, and each Bellataire diamond represents perfection. Every diamond over ¾ carat includes a full Grading Report from the Gemological Institute of America, and is laser-inscribed for authenticity and identification. Bellataire diamonds are masterfully sculpted, impeccably polished., and breathtakingly beautiful with every stone…

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Bellataire Diamonds

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