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Over forty years ago, a man named Tom Tosyali built his first factory with the inspiration to create the “benchmark” in wedding rings. And to this day, his company is named for just that; the name "Benchmark" is defined as “the point by which all others are measured.” His products are built and designed to be only the highest of quality, and the technology used to ensure satisfaction is only the best in the industry.

All of the wedding bands are die struck, and start with a solid ring of gold or platinum. The die struck method provides for a more consistent product, one with less porosity and more gold, crafting a solid band throughout. Currently, Benchmark offers five different varieties to design a band, and options include argentium silver bands, diamond precision bands, design bands, classic bands, and contemporary bands.

Benchmark brought the Comfort Fit design to the United States and obtained a patent for this design over thirty years ago. The inside of the Comfort Fit designs are oval shaped, which eliminates the sharp edge against your finger. This patent is original to Benchmark, although many competitors have often attempted to imitate it unsuccessfully.

In order to ensure perfection, Benchmark has invested over $3 million in Precision Set technology, of which only a small number of companies in the industry have employed. Rather than setting diamonds by hand, which can lead to inconsistencies and imperfections, the Precision Set method undergoes stringent inspection for a diamond to be selected, and then a machine sets the diamond perfectly.

Forty years have proven that Benchmark can live up to its reputation, and serves as the standard by which all others are measured today… 

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