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Bulova Watch Co.

Bulova was the first company to use a 360 hertz tuning fork to drive a mechanical watch. The inventor Max Hetzel was born in Basle, Switzerland, and joined the Bulova Watch Company of Bienne, Switzerland, in 1948. 

This outstanding engineer was the first one to use an electronic device, a transistor, in a wrist watch. Thus, Max Hetzel developed the first watch in the world that truly deserved the qualification electronic: the world-famous Bulova Accutron. More than 4 million were sold until production stopped in 1977.

They also were subjects of the other famous space era rivalry with Omega Watches for being the first watch on the moon. At the end The Omega Speedmaster chronograph wristwatch(known as the Moon watch) was designated by NASA for use by the astronauts in all manned space missions, becoming the first watch on the moon in the wrist of Edwin 'Buzz' Aldrin. However all the instrument panel clocks and time-keeping mechanisms in the spacecraft on those space missions were Bulova Accutrons with tuning fork movements, because at the time, NASA did not know how well a Mechanical movement would work in zero gravity conditions.

Today Bulova stands proud with long its history of innovation, style, and imagination of how a wristwatch should be. They continue to set trends and refine the masterpieces that began over a hundred years ago

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Bulova Watch Co.

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