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Cannon Lewis

The signature leaf on each piece of jewelry symbolizes growth, new life, and hope.

Even as a child, Cannon Lewis was avid artist: always involved in the fine arts whether it was painting, drawing or print-making. She began taking metal shop classes at a summer camp in the 8th grade where she won an award for a design of encased stones held in place by looped and twisted silver wire.

Three years later, while still in highschool, Cannon Lewis produced her first collection composed mainly of plastic beads and fishing wire. When her collection was turned down at a local store for its lack of interesting materials and real stones, she thought back to the silver design that won the award in 8th grade, and with this archival piece as her inspiration, her true style and direction began.

Now over a decade later, Cannon Lewis continues to develop her style. She finds inspiration in the organic textures and asymmetric lines of vines, leaves, rocks, and shells, and translates these details into unique jewelry that is often one of a kind - her attempt to capture the fleeting qualities of nature. Each piece is finished with a tiny leaf charm that symbolizes growth, new life, and hope.

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Cannon Lewis

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