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Chelsea Clocks

Spanning more than a century, the saga of the Chelsea Clock Company is one of American clock making lore. Since the company's founding in 1897, Chelsea's master craftsmen have been designing and meticulously crafting some of the world's most exquisite time machines. The epic story of Chelsea Clock is one of survival amid the turbulence of war and doldrums of economic decline. Fire, depression, and counterfeiters have all threatened its very existence. Yet, the ingenuity, finely honed skills, and the commitment to perfection of its dedicated clockmakers enabled Chelsea to weather the most trying of times.

Early on, the United States military discovered the exceptional accuracy and reliability of Chelsea clocks and adopted them widely. Railroads, too, soon depended on them, while Rolls Royce and other automobile makers adorned their dashboards with Chelsea clocks. Meanwhile, customers of fine jewelry houses cherished Chelsea time machines for their simplicity of design and functional elegance. For more than a hundred years, the resonant chime of a Chelsea has been bringing pleasure and peace of mind to people around the globe. Indeed, these timekeeping masterpieces are often presented as gifts to some of the luckiest people in the world, and are treasured by the generations that inherit them. Among the myriad of people who have purchased, received, or given Chelsea clocks throughout the decades have been Bob Hope, Billy Joel, David letterman, Elvis Presley, James Taylor, John Wayne, more than a dozen American presidents, princes, and war heroes. The U.S. Navy outfitted hundreds of U.S. ships with Chelsea Clocks and is still an important customer of the company. The U.S. Naval Observatory, long the nation's master timekeeper and caretaker of the Navy's chronometers, recognized early on the reliability and accuracy of a Chelsea Clock, and has recommended Chelsea Clocks for generations.

A Chelsea clock is an investment in timekeeping excellence. Their master clockmakers bring decades of training and experience from remote corners of the world-to design and build precision instruments that endure the real test of time.

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Chelsea Clocks

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