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Twenty-five hundred years ago, the Etruscans, in what is present-day Tuscany, created the most beautiful gold metalwork of the ancient world. Today, Italy remains the leader in the transformation of that precious metal into masterpieces of design and craftsmanship.

It was in the great tradition of the master Italian goldsmith that Adriano Chimento established a design and production studio for fine designer 18K gold and diamond jewelry in 1964 in Vicenza, Italy.

Chimento has since grown into a successful jewelry manufacturer with a global presence in Europe, Asia, and the Americas. Today, Chimento S.P.A. has a 70,000 square foot design and production studio in Vicenza, a small town in Italy known as the gold capital of the world. Master goldsmiths and jewelers combine old-world handcrafting with state-of-the-art processes like electroforming and microfusion to produce a collection unique in style and finish.

The production studio has over 140 skilled employees, some of which manually create each piece of jewelry by hand. Our jewelry provides the customer with beauty, security, versatility, and reversibility.

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