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The prestigious manufacture of timepieces and jewelry has many distinctive features: remarkable quality, creativity and a successful blend of innovative design, modern technology, and traditional craftsmanship.  Chopard embodies such prestige.
In the 60’s, Paul-Andre Chopard, the last watchmaker of that name, was obliged to face the incontrovertible fact: none of his sons wanted to take over the family business.  At the same time, a young goldsmith and watchmaker named Karl Scheufele was on the lookout for a potential acquisition.  The two realized that they were exactly what the other needed.  In 1963, Paul-Andre Chopard sold the century old business to Scheufele.  Paul-Andre continued to work in the Chopard Company until his death in 1968.
Today, Chopard remains a completely independent family business.  “We have direct personal contacts with our staff members,” Karl-Freidrich Scheufele pointed out, “and we are always available to discuss things with them.

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