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For questions regarding a piece prior-to-purchase we prefer you to use the contact form below. This is due to keeping a paper trail of information and that many of our customers are international, DJB would also like to track transmissions for reference and accuracy regarding the product. If needed, you may call us at (706) 481-8491, press 1 for sales.

If you've made a purchase in the US and have a question our staff can answer questions via phone (706) 481-8491, press 1 for sales or you may use the contact form. If you've purchased a product from outside of the US, please visit here to properly contact a representative from your country of origin.

Designer Brands

We would love to hear from you. If you are a brand representative with a modification to your profile, please send us your requests via the submit/update listing page.

Product Partners

DJB would love to help out your store or help out your jewelry line, we depend on incoming natural traffic to produce sales - not advertising against authorized retailers. Half of our traffic is outside of the US and those international exports carry a 100% fraud protection guarantee. If you are interested in becoming a product parner with DJB please visit our partners page.