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Coomi Collection

Coomi Bhasin gives new meaning to the term Renaissance woman. Over the past two decades, her creativity and inherent artistic nature have driven her careers as a textile designer, architect and landscape designer and now fuels her jewelry collection launched under her own label in 2002.

"As far back as I can remember I've always had a passion for jewelry, design, and the process of creating tangible beauty. Growing up in Bombay, India, it is part of daily life. It's all around you. At every social level, you see women wearing incredible pieces from their foreheads down to their feet. I can recall as a very young girl, going to visit my grandmother and if I wasn't wearing jewelry, she would joke and ask if I was in mourning."

"I fell in love with every aspect of gold, gemstones, texture and color - whose richness influenced and surrounded my life. I realized these ingredients were my brush, palette and canvas - to express emotion, convey spirit, and create tangible beauty."

Coomi relocated to the US with her husband Hari in 1977, started a family, and used her innate sense of design and engineering to work with her husband, creating a successful family business. "My husband is a commercial developer so after moving to the US, I joined his business as a builder." Coomi also was asked to do special commissions as an architect and landscape designer.

Fast forward to 2002, Coomi was ready to pursue her passion of jewelry with the focus of creating a full scale business……and the Coomi collection was born.

Influenced by her background in textiles and architecture as well as naturalistic forms of her native India and combining them with inspirations from her experience in New York, such as "the skyscrapers of Manhattan to the eclectic mix of people and street life of downtown New York," Coomi has built a signature style which combines a feeling of ancient and modern, ornate yet delicate. Pieces are hand finished and handset giving them a one of a kind appeal. 20K gold and rose-cut diamonds are the mainstay of the collection, accented by brilliant cut diamonds and precious gemstones and diamond beads. Coomi oversees all the cutting of the rose cut diamonds with an engineer's precision for detail and an artisan's eye for beauty and rarity in design.

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Coomi Collection

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