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DElia & Tasaki

Pearls are a form of beauty born of the workings of nature. Ever since its founding Tasaki has been motivated by a genuine love of pearls, and all along we have been an integrated pearl enterprise that covers the whole range of operations from culturing and processing to sales.

This integrated setup gives us the ability to project the beauty of pearls to people throughout the world-an ability that we are immensely proud of.

Thanks to your patronage, we celebrated our 50th anniversary in January 2004. We will continue to provide the most attractive jewelry to you under the slogan of "A sparkling 50 years together with you." We will live up to the motto "Without dreams, nothing can be realized." by opening up new worlds of jewlry for our customers whose confidence in our company is worth the world to us.

The elegant jewelry of D''Elia & Tasaki showcases natural color Armani gold cultured pearls. These gifts of the sea are cultivated and carefully nurtured exclusively by Tasaki in the Amami Islands off the southernmost part of Japan. There, the colder waters produce pearls with a greater intensity in lustre than that of their counterparts grown in more southern seas.

These pearls, with the glowing color of pure gold leaf, are the rarest of all South Sea pearls--only fifty thousand were harvested this year. After careful selection for matching size, color, lustre, and skin perfection, only 150 necklace strands were created from Amami gold pearls. Such limited numbers make any piece of D''Elia & Tasaki fine jewelry an exclusive and special treasure. Revel in the luxurious warmth of gold.

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DElia & Tasaki

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