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Tips for submitting your brand

Are you interested in having your designer jewelry company listed with us? It isn't easy to be included, but we do so for the brands that meet our criteria. In the past we would receive your name, website and we would have to research your brand name. It did take time and often, brands wouldn't make it on the site. Want to know why? Here are a couple of reasons that some brands haven't been included.

1. You were not the designer, you are simply an online jewelry store. 
2. Your brand lacked quality images or too few images.
3. You have a below average web presence or no web presence.
4. There wasn't enough information about your brand on your site to build a profile.
5. Though, we let the product determine it, most of our inclusions involve fine jewelry or luxury goods as a work of art.

On the positive note, our visitors continue to rise and the average time of time they spend on our site is about 4 minutes viewing an average of 5 pages. Make note, these visitors are very interested in designer jewelry brands.

If this peaks your interest to be listed on our site devoted to designer jewelry, please continue with the instructions below. 

As we've always stated, submission doesn't guarantee acceptance. How can you get us to post your info? Here are three tips listed below.

Make sure, in the paragraph area that you include the criteria.  

1. First of all, your profile/bio, we want people to know what makes your jewelry, yours. The history, the style, the name - the product. Do this in at least 200 words, we ask that it isn't a copied from another website, even yours. We love fresh content, it's something new for our viewers to read. (We'll even make it easy, you can visit this place, copy and paste your profile and it will count your words for you) 

3. If there isn't one on your website, tell us where to find an amazing image.