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For more than a century, Alfred Dunhill has been adding to the quality of living for those with both the means and the luxury of time to enjoy life to the full. And speaking of time, for the last seventy years, we have been creating timepieces of imagination and distinction for those very same discerning people across the globe.

Alfred Dunhill has always scoured the planet in order to be able to offer our patrons the very finest that the world has to offer. In the case of timepieces we have found that there is nothing to match the quality and accuracy of the Swiss movement.

In fact, time is something in which the English have a great deal of interest – the world's most renowned centre of timekeeping is at the Royal Observatory in Greenwich, London (the home of Greenwich Mean Time). An observatory originally constructed in 1675 on the orders of King Charles II by Sir Christopher Wren (designer of St Paul's Cathedral in London), Greenwich was used for the compilation, quite literally, of astronomical amounts of data about the movement of the heavens.

In fact, the head of the Royal Observatory, John Flamsteed, spent 15 years, from 1689 to 1704, compiling tables of the moon for the lunar distance method of measuring longitude. The moon today has little scientific relevance to time, yet this simple satellite still holds a place in our heart as the most visible astronomical passing of the months of the year. Its movement controls the tides of great seas and oceans and its phases are said to influence our strongest emotions.

And since every piece created by Alfred Dunhill is intended to stir the emotions, to what more natural, more evocative symbol could we refer in this ultimate year of the second millennium than Luna – the Moon.

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