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Suzy Fabrikant, the exciting young jewelry designer, has never known life without diamonds. Born into the fourth generation of the legendary Fabrikant family of diamond designers and merchants, one of the oldest and most respected diamond houses in New York City.

Suzy grew up on Park Avenue, surrounded by this glittering heritage, with the fine art and antiques that her parents collected, she spent hours at the Metropolitan Museum of Art just two blocks away. She could not help but develop an incredible artistic sensibility. Suzy's artistic instincts developed alongside a tomboy streak which frequently led her to tag along with her father to his office where she absorbed the essentials of jewelry design.

That same tomboy streak led her outdoors to a love of nature which inspires her work today. While Suzy is consumed weekdays by the design of her couture diamond jewelry collection at the firm's headquarters in Rockefeller Center, over the weekends, she and her family enjoy the invigorating surroundings of their home in the Berkshires of Western Massachusetts, not far from where Suzy went to college.

It is no surprise then that Suzy designs diamond jewelry both with genuine passion and with an effortlessness born of the ever-present sparkle of diamonds in her life. "Diamonds are simply second nature to me," says Suzy. Just as diamonds have inhabited her entire existence, Suzy designs her jewelry to grace every aspect of life. "Diamonds are not just for the dinner dance, the opera, they are for the hike in the mountains" says Suzy, "They add beauty and light to everything we wear, every space we inhabit, every place we go."

Suzy's designs reflect this philosophy. In addition to classic designs inspired by her mother and the Coco Channel era, Suzy brings a rainbow of color to many pieces in her Collection. She brings myriad shapes to her work. An avid sailor, she has designed micro-pave pieces twisted in the shapes of nautical knots. As she designs rings, bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings and brooches, Suzy is not alone. "I feel the presence of my parents, my grandfather and his father. I feel their presence and I feel the pressure of living up to their expectations, their fine reputation. There are four generations of Fabrikants watching my every move. It is both inspiring and daunting.".

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