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The company was started at the end of the 1970s from the creativity and vision of Rinaldo and from the intuition of his wife, Martha. A journey marked by the passion for design and artisan attention to details is what characterized the production of the first jewelry pieces, and which, to this day, is keeping the company constantly at the forefront in the field of high-level jewelry. Gavello is young, dynamic, organizational, and constantly attentive to the research and the development of quality production and of trends. It is a leader in its own sector.

Today, the future is clear and bright. Our jewels stand out and are considered one of a kind. Believing as we do in an attention to detail and a precise workmanship, Gavello creates products that combine modern technology and unequalled artisanship with ability and emotional interest. Our history has taught us that the design of a jewel comes from the heart and the needs of the heart cannot be imitated or faked. We will always produce original classics, because the world gives value not to ephemeral materialisms but to that which stands the test of time. We believe that the personality of our jewels makes people feel special and the spirit of these creations touches in an emotional way those who wear them. We will always strive to be avant-garde, because our clients will settle for nothing less.

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