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Harry Winston

"If I could, I would attach the diamonds directly onto a woman's skin." Harry Winston celebrated magnificent stones and was passionate about adorning women with them. Winston was consumed with concept of individual stones, rather than precious metal, shaping designs. It was a legendary approach with vastly modern results. This "pure stone" perspective led to the design of intricate platinum settings that would allow for three dimensional jewels of extraordinary brilliance to literally drape over a woman's neck and wrists, enhancing her features with sparking light of the diamonds.

Harry Winston was also passionate about nature and the organic geometry of the leaves and flowers petals. Inspired by a simple holly wreath, he recognized the potential of intricately cut diamonds, delicate as holly leaves, being "clustered" into a piece of jewelry. The ability to envision such a jewelry design made a tremendous impact on the industry. In stead of using metal, Harry Winston pioneered an invisible, three-dimensional platinum setting to highlight the flawlessness of each jewel and produce unimagined new levels of fire and beauty.

Really, it was always the "stones" the reigned Winston. Not just the gemologist or the designer or the craftsman, it was the great, unadorned stones that directed the collaboration, the committed partnership of all these experts. That is the essential to creating world-renowned jewels. Harry Winston.

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Harry Winston

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