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Henderson Designs

The Henderson Collection of Charlotte, North Carolina, has served as a renowned member of the jewelry industry since 1990, offering upscale and emerging retailers an exclusive collection of beautiful pieces crafted with diamonds and fine gold.

Created with the end-user''s versatile lifestyle in mind, the fashionable designs merge old-world craftsmanship with new-world technology to offer impeccably constructed necklaces, bracelets and rings as well as hand-wrought and electro-form earrings.

Lecil Henderson, the company''s founder, provides extraordinary customer service, offering a level of scholarship and confidence to his clients that is unmatched. The Henderson Collection is built on a principal of contrast, as it is designed to be contemporary yet classic, luxurious yet suitable for everyday wear.

Each piece carries a lifetime guarantee and is functional, practical, durable and stylish. Most importantly, because the jewelry is crafted by hand, clients are able to customize every aspect to fit their needs, including the length, width, shape and color of their selections. You may choose the ever popular hand-Florentine finish, satin or matte finish or the option of a high polish finish.

A longer necklace featuring pink diamonds might dazzle one client, while another may desire a choker-length piece in black gold with white stones.

Henderson''s "Venetian Collection" has achieved international success and marks a monumental triumph in Henderson''s history. The pieces showcase brilliant diamonds and gemstones set in satin, polished or matte gold and adorned with 18K yellow, white and rose gold. Each is masterfully-designed in a style boasting clean lines and easy symmetry, creating an impressive and sophisticated look. The BLACK GOLD pieces in the collection are extraordinarily popular, especially stunning and unique to the industry.

Adding to the Venetian Collection''s classic Euro-flex bracelets and perfectly balanced hinged hoop earrings is the new light and feminine "Dew Drop" line featuring hand-cut and polished natural pink, green and brown tourmalines, citrine, amethyst, peridot and an array of colored freshwater pearls on 18K gold chains. Simply beautiful!

The "Verona Collection" is a more dramatic line showcasing bold link bracelets in striking color combinations, including patterns of pink with yellow gold and black with white gold. Many of these bracelets feature detailed hand etchings on both the inner and outer links and a hidden class built into the link itself. The Henderson Collection has recently unveiled the first samples of a new process that allows natural maple wood to be heat-cured into Verona bracelets, thus creating a spectacular mirror polished wood look intermingled with 18K gold.

The "Tuscany Collection" is the next venture on the horizon for the Henderson Collection. This highly versatile, light yet durable line will appeal to women of all ages across the economic spectrum. It features an array of mixed metals, textures and shapes including; long necklaces combining ovals and circles in 18K white, rose and black gold on hand-crafted chains of yellow gold. Accompanying the necklaces are triangular shaped dangle earrings and hammered disks in varying sizes that flaunt enamel reminiscent of an African safari.

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Henderson Designs

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