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JB Star

JB Star is about passion, dedication and the strive to excellence. The history of JB Star started in 1946 when Rafael''s father became one of the largest manufacturers of loose diamonds in the world. With over 40 years experience and a DeBeers sight holder, Rafael''s father''s traditions poured into the heart and soul of Rafael. The passion for creating romance and creating dreams began in 1979 when JB Star was founded.

"My Goal is to make jewelry that is unforgettable-that makes dreams come true." These are the words of Rafael, the founder, artistic disgner and visionary leader of JB Star.

Our facilities in New York are home to the finest artisans in our industry. Each piece of jewelry is carefully crafted, inspected and analyzed by hand. Using the latest finishing technology including lasers, no piece ever leaves the shop unless even the tiniest details are examined. This ensures the highest standard of quality, never compromised.

Every JB Star creation is handmade using only platinum, 18kt yellow and pink gold. The quality of the stones is another aspect where JB Star will not compromise.

The certified diamonds are G, VS, or better. The Rubies are from Burma; our Emeralds are from Zambain origin with the finest translucence, and our Sapphires are of Ceylonese and Burmese origin that is rich and velvety blue.

"Beautifully crafted jewelry is forever. It is a gift that will be handed down from one generation to another". Experience the pleasure of wearing the most unique creations designed for the most symbolic moments of love. JB Star...Cherished for Life...

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JB Star

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