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Alan Friedman

Welcome to the world of Alan Friedman!  In this world, you will find a spectacular display of beauty, color, grace, and charm found virtually nowhere else.  The Alan Friedman world is filled with talented designers, gifted craftsmen, and one family's keen sense of fashion, quality, and perfection.

Alan Friedman, as a third generation jeweler, has won awards, catered to celebrities, and has designed with some of the globe's finest naturally colored diamonds on the market. Before he became internationally renowned, however, Alan started his career working at his family-owned jewelry store, Borsheim’s in Omaha.  At the time, it was the largest independent jewelry store in the United States until it was sold to the billionaire investor Warren Buffet. Because of this fortunate change, Alan was able to pursue his dream of becoming an acclaimed designer creating exceptional quality pieces. 

After graduating from the Gemological Institute of America, Alan relocated to California.  It was at this time that he invested in one of the riskiest moves of his career: he purchased a small fortune worth of natural pink diamonds at a time when demand was dismal. Each year, millions of carats of diamonds are produced worldwide and of these multiple millions, only 39 thousand carats are naturally colored.  From this number, only a humble amount is found suitable for jewelry.  And today, Alan Friedman personally selects only the very best diamonds from this small supply every year.

Long before the average person had even heard of the naturally colored diamond, Alan Friedman was busy transforming the stones into works of art.  The company has spent over 25 years with diamonds of all colors and hues, but Alan remains passionate about pink diamonds from the Argyle mines in Australia.  His efforts with these rare stones have earned the Alan Friedman Company an outstanding name and reputation throughout the diamond industry and the world over. 

So, whether you've been searching for that one remarkable ring, that stunning pair of earrings, or perhaps that one breath-taking necklace, look no further.  Perfection is here.



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Alan Friedman

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