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Alberto Bossi

Alberto Bossi's designs are a unique investigation of decorative sensibilities and time-honored, old world craftsmanship.

The beauty and precision of his pieces become apparent the moment you wear them, but not in an obvious manner. Rather, the details tell the story. With subtle curving lines, bold geometric shapes, and combinations of unique stones with the heritage of gold and silver, Alberto Bossi’s designs serve as a tribute to strong femininity in statement pieces. 

How did it all come to pass? Straight from the mind of Bossi himself.

Alberto Bossi was born in a rural area of Northern Italy, in the city of Varese. His passion for beauty and his inherent curiosity were apparent early in his life. Instinctively gifted in the arts, he was inspired from the simple, natural beauty in the gorgeous landscapes surrounding him. He began his journey as a jeweler at age sixteen by accident when he began designing jewelry as a summer job. 

Mr. Bossi was originally schooled in the traditional manner. As an apprentice first, he worked tirelessly to acquire the knowledge and skill to become a master jeweler. Today, his designs represent originality and ingenuity, paying homage to his background and master training.

All of his pieces retain the values of what is important to him: nature, a focus on quality, and a reverence to tradition. Having worked for important jewelry makers in both Italy and New York, Alberto Bossi is now creating his own original pieces through his namesake brand.  His designs can be found online at www.albertobossi.com and in select boutiques in New York, Chicago, and Europe. 

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Alberto Bossi

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