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Dana Rebecca Designs

Dana Rebecca Gordon, the matriarch of her namesake company Dana Rebecca Designs, grew up on Jeweler’s Row in Chicago, Illinois as a third generation jewelry artist. Even at the bright young age of 16 years old she designed and debuted her first gem collection, and inevitably opened up her own company after graduating from college. 

She has always declared her love for travel, and her passion for design was awakened at a young age when she went on a trip to India with her father.  Since then, she has traveled across the world, finding inspiration in locations like China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Kenya, Tanzania, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela, and India.  To this day, she still visits Hong Kong and India to source her gems and to find inspiration for her next collection.

Dana’s pieces are often named after women that inspire her, with her grandmother being her primary muse.  Her jewelry is constantly evolving in shape, color, and texture.  The Cynthia Rose, named after Dana's mother, is a dangling coral three-tiered earring with 1.00 carat of diamonds.  Dana also created the Jennifer Yamina, named after Dana's sister, which is an exquisite button earring with assortment of cabochons, highlighted by 1.00 carat of diamonds.  One of the more modern pieces is the Samantha Lynn necklace. Created with various metals and colored stones, accented in a stylish teardrop shape with .30 carats of diamonds, it is named after Dana's cousin and best friend!

When asked about her future plans, Dana simply replies that she hopes “to make women happy every day.” Whether her pieces are worn by celebrities the likes of Oprah, or worn by the modern woman demanding elegant approachability, Dana has a piece that is perfectly designed and luxuriously constructed for any lifestyle. 




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Dana Rebecca Designs

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