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David Wysor

In rare cases, artists carry their artistic ability into multiple realms.  With fine jewelry obviously, you have consider balance, comfort, cost, color and style. These same principles are applied to life as whole for David Wysor.

David Wysor doesn't blink at a  two-tone design. True inspiration can bypass metal trends and capture the wearers imagination. This is the amount of effort that David put into all of his endeavors.

Though his roots are in New Orleans, Louisiana, David setup shop to produce fine jewelry masterpieces in Philadelphia. He didn't rent a typical office suite or buy an old house. David waited for space that he had been eyeing to believe available, at one time it housed a printing press, then an art gallery, lastly David's studio.  

He cleared it out and through studies of Frank Lloyd Wright, redesigned the space for optimum size work areas and the most comforting use of natural light. David also has filled the studio with works of art where he finds his inspiration.

David learned the craft when became a helper to jeweler with a studio in the French Quarter of New Orleans, he sat down at the bench and knew how he would spend the rest of his life. He went to workshops, read books, went and examined other designers' work.

His style matured while Philadelphia, where his inspiration was of life and architecture. His signature bracelet is inspired from the basic shapes of bones and joints, yet another collection of his pulls architectural elements of gold accents from buildings that surrounded him.

"There are shapes and forms that speak to us universally, and putting them together is where designers come in - realizing the response those shapes, patterns, lines and textures elicit, then putting them together in a way that makes people want to use them."

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David Wysor

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