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Gumuchian Fils

In the 1920's, there was a diamond trader living in Turkey who decided to leave his home for an opportunity, for a dream. This man, Mr. Vahram Gumuchian, knew that he had to step away from the familiar land of his fathers and move to Belgium in order to pursue his fate.  Once he moved, Mr. Gumuchian raised a family and taught his children the family business – the business of diamonds.

Years later, Vahram's son, André, followed the instruction of his father and set up diamond trading offices in Antwerp, Geneva, and New York.  The Gumuchian Company soon became renowned for their natural colored diamonds under his leadership.  The 'Spectrum Collection' was even featured in a special exhibition at the American Museum of Natural History in New York during the 1970s.

André's wife, Anita, often traveled back and forth between Europe and the United States for business.  It was during these trips that she noticed America’s demand for jewelry with European style and high quality.  It was not long before Anita set up her own business in New York, later joined by her two daughters, Myriam and Patricia after they graduated from college.  This new branch of the Gumuchian Company was dubbed Gumuchian Fils.

After André Gumuchian passed away, Anita's oldest child, André Junior, took over the diamond trading company. He supplies his mother and sisters with high-quality diamonds for their elegant, timeless pieces. Still to this day, the entire family reunites several times each year to discuss the collections and upcoming trends.

Gumuchian Fils is truly a unique, family-oriented company with three designers that have very different tastes and inspirations.  Mrs. Anita Gumuchian finds a passion in nature.  This allows her jewelry to imitate the unspeakable beauty found in a single flower or a tropical rainforest.  She handles the company's purchase of colored gemstones.  Patricia's interests lean more toward the classical and timeless jewelry of the ages.  She also leads the firm's private label division.  Meanwhile, Myriam designs the fashion-forward, trendy pieces, while also overseeing the brand's production. Together, the Gumuchian family has created masterpieces that represent the epitome of luxurious works of art, designed and created for the ages.   



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Gumuchian Fils

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