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Jane Gordon

Worn for beauty: Cherished for layers of discovery. The soul of my work is sculptural jewelry with uplifting symbolism. It is there as a touchstone, a talisman when needed, and opens conversation giving opportunities to inspire others.

Other parts of my collection are inspired by this astonishing world.  They could be anything from sculptural renditions of animals, flowers, etc. or just inspired by the materials themselves, which can be everything from precious metals and stone, to alternative materials like paper, wood, shark vertebrae, etc.

Custom designs/private label bring the customers vision to life; always give more than imagined. I do every step behind the scenes as much or as little as the customer wants; including design, CAD, manufacturing, and fulfillment.

My philosophy in life and art: we make a quantum leap to a better world by igniting joy, success, leadership and oneness, one person at a time.

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Jane Gordon

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