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Leon Megé

America's iconic jeweler for over 20 years. Winner of numerous International and Domestic Awards. Specializing in bespoke platinum jewelry. Every piece is lovingly made by hand in our New York workshop using finest raw materials. Since the creation of the Affordable Couture concept more than 25 years ago, Leon Megé's legendary style has been a benchmark for couture craftsmanship. Our bespoke jewelry is made-to-order entirely by hand, without any use of molds, casting, or computer printouts. All work is done in New York by experienced bench jewelers. Every piece of jewelry is flawlessly forged by hand, the way it has been done for hundreds of years in the past. Leon Megé is the supreme authority over every aspect of custom work and design - a master jeweler with a wealth of experience backed up by numerous jewelry design awards. Whatever your vision of perfection is - Leon Megé will guide you to its pinnacle, creating a magnificent piece of jewelry that is uniquely yours. At Leon Megé we guarantee the lowest price for any diamond you want to buy. We use only the best diamonds and gemstones. We carry an exclusive line of True Antique vintage-style diamonds, unmatched in their fire and exquisite grace. Working individually with each client, we discuss every aspect of a design in minute details, allowing every customer to gain confidence in its precise execution.

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Leon Megé

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