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Sethi Couture

The Sethi Couture jewelry line from San Francisco-based designer Pratima Sethi is an intricate mix of an old world charm yet contemporary glamour.

With an aesthetic informed largely by her parents, purveyors of gemstones, and their collection of rare natural colored and exquisitely cut old world diamonds , Pratima Sethi’s collection imbues an artisanal eclecticism telling of her childhood. Days spent sifting through her parents’ rare collection of gems and playing with her mother’s jewelry box filled with vintage finds, set into motion a love for fine objects that inspires Pratima’s work today.

Following a myriad of global travels during her MBA and further study abroad at HEC in France and a career at LVMH, Pratima’s love of fine jewels was put to work. The natural ease of handpicking stones to sketching elaborate jewelry designs illustrated the influence her past had on this new journey.

In 2010, sister Prerna Sethi joined her in building their namesake brand Sethi Couture. Cultivating her passion for design as a student of Architecture at U.C. Berkeley, Prerna developed a love for creating beautiful renderings and ornate objects. She continued to pursue her passion for design in a career in the fashion world but the call to create a lifestyle jewelry line with her best friend and sister using the very diamonds that they grew up admiring was inevitable.

The sisters embarked on an incredible adventure to create Sethi Couture going back to their heritage to do what they love.

With their contrasting, yet complementing personalities, Pratima and Prerna share a mutual appreciation for travel, history, and architecture where they were endlessly inspired by in their youth and which influence their designs now. Today, Sethi Couture can be found in the most selective stores with an equally noteworthy celebrity following.

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Sethi Couture

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