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Tiffany & Co Jewelry

In 1837 as Tiffany & Young, named after founders Charles Tiffany and John Young, the store was located in New York City and dealt in stationary and fine goods. Within this same year Tiffany & Young introduced the box in the distinctive shade of blue that would come to be know as "Tiffany Blue." Charles Tiffany took over the company in 1853 and renamed it Tiffany & Co. During this time period, Tiffany was known for its fine silver and earned awards for the quality of its silverware. However, the jewelry portion of the business was gathering steam.

Throughout history, Tiffany''s has played a large part in setting industry standards for jewelry. In 1851, they became the first American company to use the 925/1000 standard for all of its silver. In 1907, Tiffany''s chief gemmologist was instrumental in setting the measurement of "carat" as the weight standard for gems. In 1926 the United States also adopted Tiffany''s standard of purity for the official standard of platinum.

With Tiffany & Co. setting the standards for the entire jewelry market they became world renowned by 1972. Tiffany & Co. then introduced an innovative diamond ring setting that has been copied the world over. Instead of setting the diamond into the band, Tiffany jewelers used six prongs to raise the diamond off the band. This showed the diamond off better and allowed it to catch more light thus becoming the "Tiffany setting". Tiffany & Co. today is known for its upscale, high quality jewelry and its designs have long been favorites. There are many categories that make up Tiffany Jewelry: designers, engagement, silver, men''s jewelry, brooches, pearls, charms, wedding band, and of course diamonds. Their most sought after pieces are currently their sterling silver designs. The Tiffany signature hearts and locks are often duplicated with forgeries and knock-offs on the market because of such high demand today. Most people world wide today think of Tiffany as the ultimate jewelry store.

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Tiffany & Co Jewelry

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