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Tolkowsky Diamonds

Seven generations of the Tolkowsky family have played an important role in the diamond world, and embody the history of this exceptional stone, not least, the diamond genius, Marcel Tolkowsky, inventor of the Ideal cut in 1919. His parameters are still considered the industry benchmark.

Today, his great grand nephew, Jean Paul Tolkowsky introduces the Cut By Tolkowsky jewelry collection consisting of rings, earrings, pendants and bracelets in unique hand crafted settings.

All of our diamonds are triple excellent, hearts and arrows and each comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. Our team of master craftsman cut and polish each diamond under the highest quality standards at our own state-of-the-art manufacturing facility giving the stones their distinctive beauty. All Cut By Tolkowsky diamonds have the highest sparkle, brilliance and radiance. The Tolkowsky Ideal Cut Diamond is simply the world's finest round diamond produced today. There can only be one true original.

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Tolkowsky Diamonds

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