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John Ferdinand

We walk a journey through life. We live and dream and work and love and seek deeper meaning to our existence. Our lives today are in constant motion, the clamour of cell phones, the frantic buzz of international travel. Many of us are global nomads, living our lives in cities and towns far away from where we were born.

Jewelry plays a fascinating role in our lives. It connects us with meaning. It''s a talisman, a reminder of a time in our lives, a mood, a place, or a person. It grounds us and makes us whole, harmonizing our modern nomadic lives.

Men and woman of all cultures have worn jewelry since the beginning of civilization. It defines us — and it communicates our hopes, our dreams, our memories. It transports us to another place. It evokes a spirit within us which only the wearer truly comprehends.

At John Ferdinand, we''re designing a collection which resonates deeply with our soul. We''re adding to the collection but we are in no rush.

Our focus is on creating beauty, that every piece you hold in your hands is tactile, it''s arresting, and it makes an emotional connection. We care passionately about quality, about integrity and uncompromising attention to detail.

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John Ferdinand

We do not have a website to provide for this brand or this jewelry designer no longer has a website and current materials are now vaulted.

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