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Kosta Boda

Anyone who says that the modern generations have little or no talent is a fool. In the past 50 years, countless of gifted designers have come and gone, gracing the world with art and beauty. However, there is one thing which none of the years' new designers can replicate or surpass: time tested, time proven, and timeless quality. That is why companies such as Kosta Boda still enchant and intrigue after more than 260 years. Over the centuries, the raw talent seen within the artists and craftsmen of Kosta Boda has been phenomenal. Each design has been careful to preserve, not only the delightful look of Scandinavian art, but also embody history itself. When the United States were formed, Kosta Boda was nearly 50 years old. Kosta Boda has helped shape the world as we know it.

The original Kosta glassworks was born in 1742. Kosta prospered and developed quickly, helping to develop Sweden's "Kingdom of Glass." In the 20th century, Kosta was merged with another glasshouse, Boda. In 1976, the company was renamed Kosta Boda. The first Kosta employees were skilled glassblowers as it was their talents and experience which made all the difference in the end. Today, Kosta Boda prides themselves in the fact that this has not changed. Their creative wizards work side-by-side in the glassworks, cutting room, painting ship, and engraving studio.

In over 260 years, Kosta Boda has won thousands of international awards, and has exhibited in both the world's top public and private collections. Let's see a "newbie" top that!

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Kosta Boda

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