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Like all works of art, the sculptures of Lladró are brought to life through the multivarious insights and experiences of the artists who create them. It is for this reason that the themes they represent are as varied as life itself.

Lladró’s creations reflect the circle of life that sustains us and brings forth our highest emotions; they reveal a world of sentiments and experiences that distinguish what it means to be human.

The porcelain sculptures of Lladró are recognized the world over  for an artistic style that is both original and authentic. Taken as a whole, these works form a tranquil universe where the beauty and emotion of human experience are impeccably expressed. This expressive perfection has become the Lladró hallmark. At the heart of the Lladró style, subtle detail not only appears  in the meticulously carved ornamentation and porcelain flowers that Lladró is famous for. It waits in the expressiveness of a face or gesture. 

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