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Luca Carati

Luca Carati was founded in Valenza, Italy, in 1988 with a team with 30 years of professional experience in craftsmanship. The Luca Carati brand is well known and showcased in the most important international markets. It takes part in the major trade shows in the world.

Design is the main feature that identifies a precise and contemporary style: classic and feminine. This style is well expressed through our collection. Luca Carati's design keeps and develops, at the same time, its own style. It has firmness, continuity, passion, and determination.

Today, as well as in the past, Luca Carati is one of the few goldsmiths to develop and produce its jewelry in-house. Starting from the design, Luca Carati's creations are the result of the goldsmith's extraordinary ability to combine manual techniques with the newest technologies. Extreme care for details and careful selection of the materials are the points were all Luca Carati's products start with. Luca Carati jewels reveal their value in the perfect combination of gold and precious stones.

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Luca Carati

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