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Michael B

Michael Bogosian, aka Michael B., was born in 1950 in Istanbul, Turkey, the former capitol of the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and home to a tradition of fine jewelry spanning over two millennia. In the early 1990's, when gold was still king, Michael re-discovered an old friend, Platinum, and transformed the jewelry industry forever. The metal of royalty first made famous by Louis Cartier, Platinum had been ignored by a jewelry establishment increasingly focused on mass production. Although a softer metal, Platinum is far more dense and durable than gold. As a result, working with Platinum requires far more skill, time and effort. Michael had the skill, and his time and effort soon followed.

By the end of the decade, Michael turned Platinum into a household name with an array of innovative and spectacular designs. Michael was the first to implement Micro Pavé, an intricate and painstaking yet elegant method of setting ultra-miniature diamonds to lend a more delicate ambience to the center stone than had ever been achieved.

While many top name designers manufacture their product overseas to cut costs and increase profits, Michael B. jewelry is manufactured in Studio City, California, where quality and service remain top priorities.

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Michael B

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