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Michael Barin

"My inspiration comes from the art of the Pharaohs - their neckpieces, arm bracelets and earring - and from the jeweled treasures of the Kinds and Queens who reigned during the Renaissance." Michael Barin.

Michael Barin''s background as a fine jewelry designer resonates with antiquity and grace. At an impressionable youthful age, Michael began an apprenticeship working with jewelry designers in Los Angeles, California. He spent years learning his craft, perfecting all aspects of one component before moving on the to next. At 19, Michael began a long career manufacturing fine jewelry for designers before deciding to design his own, unique line of fine jewelry made with fancy color diamonds and precious metals. Michael is involved in all aspects of the creation of his pieces - from their conception to their rightful place on the human - and this authenticity is beautifully translated into the perfection of his designs.

Michael is influenced by fashion trends and popular culture, yet his jewelry has classic beauty that is timeless. With grave attention to quality and detail, Michael works in Platinum and 22-karat gold. Michael uses the finest stones in colors that are on the cutting edge of style, mingling modern-day diamonds with precious natural fancy color diamonds of ancient times. His jewelry appeals to the fashion-conscious woman who is concerned with excellence and taste, and who wants her jewelry to be both sensual, and practical for everyday wear.

Michael''s special passion is for rings and necklaces, in which he takes rich, antique ornamentation and translates it for the 21st Century, creating a depth and texture that is evocative of opulence and romance. Michael''s jewelry collection is merely a continuation of his artistic expression, his personal vision of beauty. He is inspired by women-from the bold, sensuality of Cleopatra, to the modern woman who outfits herself only in the finest clothing. Michael attempts to match the exquisite beauty of the women he strives to adorn.

Fine jewelry has become for Michael Barin a vehicle of self-expression. His initiation into his art allowed him to become familiar with all aspects of design and this is apparent in the quality of his craftsmanship, his attention to detail, and his desire to create pieces that move and inspire the wearer.

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Michael Barin

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