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Michael Beaudry

We welcome you to share Michael Beaudry''s passion for jewelry as the ultimate artistic medium. The Beaudry Couture collection represents the finest in original hand crafted jewelry in the world.

Over one hundred years of combined experience is reflected in each piece that bears the Beaudry hallmark. Skilled master craftsmen form the creative team that painstakingly fabricate each signed original, one at a time.

Beaudry combines his experience as a second generation master diamond cutter with his design expertise to direct his artisans through the numerous stages that are required to bring his vision to life.

This architecture, coupled with rarity of the precious metals and exotic gemstones that are used, become the foundation for these timeless wearable sculptures. Beaudry Couture jewelry embodies a sense of history as age-old techniques are applied in tribute to the European masters of yesteryear.

The Precision

Each piece is carefully forged and assembled one component at a time. This process allows for much finer detail as pieces are polished prior to assembly and hard to reach reliefs are finished properly.

The Imagination

Though many of the elements have a vintage look to them, it is the unusual combination and use of innovative components that make a Beaudry so imaginative.

The Finishes

Beaudry is known for creative detailed finishes that are incorporated into each of their designs. Hand engraving, millgraining and beadwork are just a few of the old-world techniques that Beaudry proudly features to ensure the highest possible quality while adding a dramatic vintage flair.

The Innovation

The craftsmen at Beaudry not only stay abreast of the latest technology available to the industry, they are also constantly pushing the boundaries of this technology to create movements and designs unique to Beaudry.

Platinum Perfected

Platinum is the precious metal of choice at Beaudry because of its rarity, density and purity. While 18 and 22 karat rose, yellow and green gold are a staple in the collection, Beaudry prefers platinum over white gold altogether. only master craftsmen are capable of working in platinum and gold combinations to the standard set by Beaudry Couture.

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Michael Beaudry

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