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Mishca is a contemporary London-based jewellery designer specializing in the creation of unique yet affordable designs for the modern woman who treasures the traditional values of handcrafted, hand-finished, eye-catching, and in every way distinctive artifacts.

Enlightened by women who celebrate their beauty in authentic, luxurious and exotic ways, Mishca transforms gold and sterling silver into exclusive and classic designs. Laden with semi-precious gemstones, pearls and Swarovski crystals, Mishca's creations exude lavish elegance. The highest levels of craftsmanship radiate from every glowing piece, each having received the immaculate care and attention to detail which guarantee excellence and individuality. With an identity all their own they are made for the woman who knows her own mind and has decided that it is better to set the trend rather than follow it.

Mishca''s work has a truly international, eclectic and timeless quality to it and has been inspired by her travels all over the world, having spent much time in other countries (South and Central America, North America, the Middle East and Europe), learning new cultures, and meeting new characters. In the course of her travels she gathers the raw materials which her imagination alchemically transforms into startling forms: bold, audacious but always tasteful, sumptuous, sensuous and collectable. Recent trips to South America have left an indefinable yet palpable hallmark on her work which has the brightness, extravagance and exuberance of Guatemalan street parades and is imbued with the mystery and sinuousness of the Inca trail and of a culture that believes in the natural healing powers of precious stones. Mishca is a great believer in the idea that one''s experiences figure in one''s work in all kinds of indefinable ways, making each collection distinct from what has gone before.

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