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Mont Blanc Watches

The start of the modern new century has a stimulating effect on inventors and craftsmen. Ingenuity and imagination help the fountain pen to make its technical and commercial breakthrough as a writing instrument too. The Hamburg stationer Claus-Johannes Voss, the Hamburg banker Christian Lausen and the Berlin engineer Wilhelm Dziambor recognize the signs of the times and decide to produce and supply fountain pens. 

Manufacturers of high-class gold and fountain pens - Montblanc starts its history by making this confident claim for itself. For the time being, the small new company is still called 'SIMPLO FILLER PEN COMPANY'. The name 'Simplo' is probably derived from the word 'simple',which refers to the new pen design with a 'build-in' inkwell. 

Introduction of the first Rouge et Noir fountain pen made from hard black ebonite rubber with a red top to the cap. This pen was meant for the educated classes - it is standard practice for the anglophile citizens of Hamburg to know a smattering of French as well. You will not make any blots with a Rouge et Noir fountain pen, promises a girl in her best Sunday dress in an advertisement at the time. The Simplo Filler Pen company dares to expand abroad very early, opening its first agencies in Paris, London and - a little later - Barcelona. 

In 1910, the pen that was later to give the company its new name, the Mont Blanc was produced. The first pen (a fountain pen) known as the Meisterst¸ck or Masterpiece (the name used for export) was produced in 1925. 

The trademark most clearly identified with Montblanc is the white stylised six-pointed star with rounded edges, representative of the Mont Blanc snowcap from above, the symbol being adopted in 1913. The number 4810, the mountain's height in metres, is also a commonly recurring theme. The star is also referred to as an edelweiss. The edelweiss is an indigenous perrenial that grows in the alpine forests and mountains of europe. The leaves have a downy white 'dust' coating and they sprout tiny, pointy, white, star-like flowers. For decades now, Montblanc has produced the flagship Meisterst¸ck line of writing instruments, but in recent years has begun to establish new lines. The BohËme, Scenium and Starwalker ranges are recent additions to Montblanc product-line. 

It's clear that Montblanc's fine pens are praised for their quality, beauty and originality of design. However, Montblanc has managed to make its presence felt in the watch market in record time. 

Indeed, seven years after its launch, the Montblanc watch, which now accounts for 20% of the company's sales, represents an annual market of approximately 100,000 pieces, 30% of which are mechanical. Figures that the firm intends to double in the next five years and that are the basis of its recent decision to expand production capacity to 200,000 pieces. The success of the Montblanc watch collections illustrates that Montblanc has attained a secure place in the circle of renowned watchmakers and has become an important partner for jewellers. 

The ever-increasing demand for Montblanc watches and their rising significance within the Montblanc product range has necessitated an extension of the production facilities. With the philosophy to create prestigious products of a long lasting value, Montblanc is the leading brand for those who strive for a culturally demanding lifestyle. With its philosophy to create fine objects of timeless aestethics and long lasting value Montblanc provides a world of personal emotion and relation representing authenticity, individuality, intelligence as well as style and elegance. Montblanc has been known for generations as a maker of sophisticated, high-quality writing instruments. From the classic pieces to fine watch collections, Montblanc prides itself in balancing high touch with high technology. 

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Mont Blanc Watches

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