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Nambé Gifts

Some say that a name is just that. A name. At Nambe, they know how much more than "a name" that word can be. A name is an identity, a history, a future. That is why they were careful to chose the name they did. Nambe (pronouced nom-BAY) was named for a tiny village near Sante Fe in northern New Mexico. This small village is where the company was founded in 1951. Possessing a certain mystique, Nambe passionately holds to the landscape, culture, and history of their origins.

In order to create their signature metal pieces, Nambe invovles the hands of 15 craftsmen who mold, pour, grind, polish, and buff each piece. This commitment to unsurpassed quality is why Nambe is the "lifestyle" brand valued by people who love simple, elegant designs and love to share them with others. Perhaps, however, the most astonishing feature of Nambe is just as devoted to form as it is to function. Even the earliest of their pieces are still sought after keepsakes. Nambe has gained the attention of collectors, families, businesses, and even museums. The Museum of New Mexico even partnered with the company to interpret five stunning pieces of historic Pueblo pottery and basketry into modern home decor. 

Keeping true to their roots, Nambe has carefully stayed close to the history of New Mexico. The most famous of New Mexico's early inhabitants were of course the Pueblos. Each of the 19 tribes had unique customs and art. Nambe has cleverly combined some of the most captivating aspects of Early Americana with designs such as the crystal Arrow Pot, Sky Pot, and Mesa Bowl. These are only three of Nambe's numerous tributes to the land we call home. Nambe - Timeless art you can use every day.

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Nambé Gifts

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