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Noor Jewels

The history of Noor began in India, as a legend woven around one of the most famous diamonds. This magic is upheld in the noor premium brand, which was born in the year 2000.

The Wurster family have passed their passion for jewels and for processing them into unusual pieces of jewellery into the second family generation. The little workshop founded in 1969 has developed into Wurster Diamonds GmbH, with 50 employees and individual sales offices in Antwerp and Tel Aviv, allowing access tovery special, high-quality diamonds.

The design and purchase of diamondsis the top job in the family business, which is therefore carried out exclusively by the owner and founder. The legendary Koh-i-noor ("Mountain of light") diamond from among the crown jewels of Indian rulers has given this collection its name: noor. The legend tells us the diamonds bring you luck.

The power with which they seem to hold in the light make them fascinating, mystical, and desirable to us. The diamond in particular, enclosed in its inner self, makes noor jewellery so unique. The indescribable feeling of a diamond against the skin. Light from inside; a piece of eternity. Luck, captured and set in a completely new way.

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Noor Jewels

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