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Olivia Jewelry

"We wanted to create an aesthetically beautiful item of the highest quality and design concepts, market it throughout the world, and be proud of where it comes from and what it is."

These are the words that sum up the Oliva story that started five generations ago in the Royal Houses of Europe as court jewelers. A story that continued fifty years ago with the establishment of Oliva in the heart of the main jewellery and diamond manufacturing centers. A story that still unfolds today as one of the world brand leaders in jewelry.

Oliva is an international business that produces unique jewellery for the most exclusive and renowned stores throughout the world. The secret behind the rise to fame is the thought and creativity that goes into the idea and development of new models, together with the enormous versatility involved in the actual production.

The House of Oliva has at one end salesmen and representatives travelling the globe ensuring that its jewellery will only be found in stores that can appreciate its beauty. At the other end is the state of the art factory ensuring no piece will ever leave with out the most stringent quality inspection tests. The motto of the company and everyone within it is never to relinquish quality and the highest standards of service at every level.

Apart from making the jewellery, Oliva also cuts and polishes its own stones, which it uses exclusively in its jewellery. It has created its own unique diamond cut "The Oliva Cut"™ that offers a vivacious stone with an exceptional stunning brilliance and with a higher quality of colour and clarity. The 'Oliva Cut' diamond is less expensive as it is less in carat weight while maintaining the same surface area, and displaying the same beautiful look. Alternatively, when comparing two stones of the same carat weight, the Oliva diamond can appear 30-35% larger. The benefit is obviously to the consumer who walks away with a bigger look for the same money. They call it "A Cut above the Rest."

The story does not stop here with the superior diamond and the beautiful jewel; they now have to be put together. Oliva's setting techniques are far beyond those found in other renowned jewellery houses. It has the ability to combine special cut stones; princess, baguettes and tapers amongst others, creating illusions that go further than the ordinary imagination and intensify the diamonds beyond their brilliance found in regular setting practices. Once Oliva employs its matchless diamond techniques together with its unrivalled superior jewellery craftsmanship, a piece is created that is past compare in its originality and beauty.

Oliva's strength is in the uniqueness of its designs and in the heart and soul of the family behind it. This is reflected in the production, the presentation, the service and the careful selection of the retailer who passes on the jewel to the eventual owner, transforming it into a work of art the moment she puts it on. This is the jewel that Oliva is proud to market, the retailer proud to display, and the privileged woman proud to wear.

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Olivia Jewelry

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