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Orlando Orlandini

Meticulous technical and aesthetic research is conducted at the Orlandini Atelier in discovering new and innovative ways to create with gold, a material that never ceases to reveal its infinite possibilities as an expressive medium for the designer. These innovative techniques are expressed in new collections that are classic in style so as to out-live rapidly changing fashions.

Our objective is to transform gold, a solid metal, into wearable golden fabrics, which drape over the skin and give a soft, silk-like sensation. This objective is translated into harmonious forms that accent the natural feminine beauty.

The most important characteristics of our collections is the luminosity obtained by the meticulous labor of hand forming, giving the gold a gem-like quality. This captures the light, reflecting it from its many small surfaces, resulting in jewelry created by experienced hands without the intervention of machines.

Orlando Orlandini - One of a kind.

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Orlando Orlandini

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