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Orrefors Glassware

Deep in the heart of Sweden lies a breath-taking lake, named Lake Orrenas. The tranquility of this lake is disturbed only by the equally mesmerizing rhythm of Orrefors Falls. This natural beauty is the inspiration and namesake for the crystal and glassblowing company, Orrefors.

Orrefors was founded in 1898 and, by the first decade of the 20th century, was well known for functional glass. This was not enough, however; they had a larger vision. In 1915, Simon Gate, a famed Swedish artist, was hired to evaluate the Orrefors product. They desired to build a reputation for unmatched artistic excellence. One year later, Edward Hall, another protege of his time, also joined the company.

Under the leading of these two great men, Orrefors began an adventure into art, glass, and crystal, thus expanding their influence well beyond the Swedish borders. Orrefors became somewhat of a creative magnet for other gifted artists and glassblowers. This, of course, only added to the allure of Orrefors.

Today, the Orrefors product is collectible, treasured by art museums and individuals worldwide. Their close collaboration between artist and artisan produces work of surpassing beauty. They offer to publc an array of styles and types of glassware. 

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Orrefors Glassware

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