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David Wysor Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Thin Hoop Earrings with Dot Center


David Wysor Sterling Silver & 18K Yellow Gold Thin Hoop Earrings with Dot Center

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David Wysor sterling silver thin hoop earrings with eighteen karat yellow gold dot center. These earrings measure 26mm in length.


Having not been familiar with the jewelry business before, David Wysor began his career completely by chance in New Orleans. Later, he moved to Philadelphia where he was inspired by the baroque architecture. His designs encompass smooth lines with art deco flourishes and he is well known for his signature bracelet that utilizes texture and visual balance.

"There are shapes and forms that speak to us universally, and putting them together is where designers come in - realizing the response those shapes, patterns, lines and textures elicit, then putting them together in a way that makes people want to use them."

David Wysor's jewelry is a fresh and new take on an old and classic theme. Not only does his jewelry brand stand out alone, but it also compliments other high end designer jewelry brands. His distinctive combination of sterling silver and eighteen karat gold along with semi precious stones are very unique statement pieces. Hi jewelry is very representative of himself. "A well designed piece of jewelry should invite closer inspection." Wysor explains. "That illustrates what happens to me when I see something I think is well-designed – I do a double take."

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Metal Ster/18KYG