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Our Partners

The internet has radically changed how brick and mortar jewelry stores and designers themselves do business. The game has changed forever.  We found a need to help turn product, whether it's desirable product in the brick and mortar that just isn't moving or an overrun on production from a designer.  Our visitors are half international and half american and we don't advertise outside of our own website.  

How we benefit brick and mortar retailers

Some of you may simply need to free up capital or showcase space.  Maybe it's coming to the realization that keeping your inventory current is more important now, than it ever has been before because your customers are aware new trends (via catalogs, pintrest, blogs etc) even if they don't mention it to you. Most importantly you need to meet those needs or free up that capital without converting your current customers into discount buyers through some sort of in-store, discount sale.  

How we benefit fine jewelry designers

The brands must be protected.  We believe that trying to combat authorized dealers with low prices doesn't help your brand in the long run.  Your name is your investment, we want to ensure that it remains protected.  We also have no interest in being an authorized dealer, that way we will not be in direct competition with your retailers.  You won't find this site deluted with low-end product, nor will you find us advertising your product in your customer market.

Putting product on our site

If you feel that you have some desirable product, by all means, contact us.  We have different relationships depending on the situation and if we feel that what you have is great fit, we'd love to work together. Please email us or call us (706) 481-8491 with an inquiry.  With that being said, some jewelry is destined for the melting pot while other product may appeal to other markets.  Also, keep in mind that we currently do not sell used product.