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Piaget Watches

Not many Swiss watch brands can be called legendary. Only those that have pioneered the world of watchmaking, that have regularly turned out masterpieces of technology and design, can reign in this realm. Piaget is one such brand. For more than 130 years, this prestigious Swiss watch company has deftly blended haute horology with haute joaillerie—creating watches that define time and history. Based in the Jura region of Switzerland, in the famed La Cote-aux-Fees, Piaget employs the world’s finest watchmakers, designers, artisans and gem setters—all of whom work tirelessly to maintain the brand’s enviable status. From this strong heart comes timepieces with soul. 

In the 1960's, Valentin Piaget created the flattest automatic movement in the world for its time, the famous caliber 12P, at only 2.3 mm thick (Guinness Book of Records). The mastery of the brand’s extra-flat movement opened the field to other ambitious developments, including coin watches, extra-flat profiles, square and rectangular cases and ladies’ jewel watches.

The real breakthrough for Piaget came at the start of the 1960s, when the brand daringly created and launched the first dials in hard stone: onyx, turquoise and lapis lazuli. Piaget designed outstanding jewel watches, attracting an international elite, including, among others, Jackie Kennedy, Gina Lollobrigida and Andy Warhol, who would wear the Piaget colours the world over. The brand became a trendsetter in the world of watch making. 

The 1980s marked another important moment in the Piaget story. The brand acquired the status of watchmaker jeweller, and created the most expensive men’s watch for its time: 3,5 million francs, 2 years’ work, 154 grams of platinum, 296 diamonds, and a 3,85 carat blue diamond, with an exceptional luminosity.

Even today, in a world where one might think everything has been done before, Piaget continues to pioneer, to forge ahead with technological advancements and dramatic designs. 

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Piaget Watches

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