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Rosen Block

The Rosen Block Collection was designed for todays Affluent Woman. They believe the words discerning, confident, colorful, versatile, and distinctive describe who she is or who she might like to be.

Their "philosophy" permeates the company from Mr. Rosen's design to their relationship with their retailers. Most importantly however, their "philosophy" is experienced by the consumer who collects Rosen Block Design.

Armed with the "philosophy" for success, they created original designs that are distinctively Rosen Block. Geometric forms are consistently softened, yet remain powerful in appearance. vibrant, colorful gemstones are used throughout the collection.

European studies and travels infused all of their designs with an added interest that naturally appealed to their targeted audience. To keep in sync with their confident and clean designs, antiquing processes were never used. Shown through elaborate grill work, hand made closures, and meticulous finishing, the attention to detail is easily apparent and appreciated by consumers.

The Rosen Block collection is extremely versatile, casual yet elegant. The designs may be worn day or night. Versatile in metal combinations, the product harmonizes cool white tones with warm yellow tones. Many designs may be worn in a multitude of ways using interchangeable and detachable elements, thus allowing collectors to add both new elements as well as new designs to their Rosen Block wardrobe frequently, but sensibly.

 (*This company is no longer in business.)

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Rosen Block

We do not have a website to provide for this brand or this jewelry designer no longer has a website and current materials are now vaulted.

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